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April 14, 2018  Boston Marathon April 14, 2018 Boston Marathon April 20, 2015 Boston Marathon Boston, MA USA April 20, 2015 Boston Athletic Association 105th Boston Marathon Race Application "The Starting Line"/One Ash Street Hopkinton, MA 01748-1897 Phone Number: (617) 236-1652 Fax Number: (617)-236-4505 Email: Official Race Website: MA
January 11, 2014  Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM January 11, 2014 Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM Marathon Details January 11, 2014 Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM Topsfield, MA USA January 11, 2014 The G.A.C. is Gil's Athletic Club. We are an informal running club based in Topsfield, Massachusetts. We also ride and swim and have been known to drink a beer on occasion... ...but mostly we run. Any distance, any time, any season, any place on earth. MA
August 9, 2014 Sweltering Summer Marathon August 9, 2014 Sweltering Summer Marathon (BURCS) & 8 Hour Ultramarathon, 50k Pittsfield, MA USA A Bennjamin L Griffin Address: 53 Essex Street Pittsfield, MA 01201 Phone Number: 413-443-5819 Fax Number: Email: Official Race Website: Timed race on USATF certified course (MA13008JK). Competitors will have 8 hours to complete as many loops as possible. Only full laps will count at the end. Race proceeds will benefit Ainsley’s Angels: The Power to Push, a 3,000 mile journey by foot across the country in the summer of 2015 to help provide mobility to those with disabilities believing anyone can experience the power of endurance events. Additional proceeds will be donated to The Water Project, a non-profit organization that provides clean water and proper sanitation to those in need. MA
May 16, 2014 Old Colony, New England Challenge May 16, 2014 Old Colony, New England Challenge May 16, 2014 Old Colony Marathon, New England Challenge Springfield, MA USA May 16, 2014 Name: Chuck Savage Address: 2157 NE 2nd St. Ocala, FL 34470 Phone Number: Fax Number: N/A Email: Official Race Website: The New England Challenge 5 Marathons, 5 States, 5 Days Monday, May 12, 2014 - Friday, May 16, 2014 URGENT NOTICE!!!! The OLD COLONY Race location has been changed due to circumstances beyond our control. Please check the Old Colony Page to get the details. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: This series of races is now CLOSED. Race day registration will NOT be available. Currently Registered as of: 4/30/2014 Please click on the links below to verify your race entry. Click Here to notify us immediately if something is incorrect. Pine Tree: 83 Full Marathoners, 17 Half Marathoners Granite State: 99 Full Marathoners, 17 Half Marathoners Red Island: 112 Full Marathoners, 17 Half Marathoners Nutmeg: 117 Full Marathoners, 22 Half Marathoners Old Colony: 104 Full Marathoners, 19 Half Marathoners This is Chuck Savage, race director. I think this year’s races will be better. Entries will be less expensive, refreshments will be better, there will be more porta-potties, more runners, and maybe better weather (it will be a week earlier and probably cooler).The courses will be the same as last year and the order of states will be the same (ME, NH, RI, CT, MA). You can still do all of the states in New England in one week because the Shires of Vermont Marathon will be run on the Sunday (18th) after my series. I have no connection to the Shires of Vermont race (I am going to run it myself). There will be a limit of 100 Marathoners and 25 Half Marathoners for each race at this time. Unfortunately, since this is such a small race, we are not able to give refunds for anyone that signs up. These races meet all rules of the 50 States but are not certified. All races are 26.2 miles each and start at 6:00am EST. These races are designed by runners for runners. We will list the people that have entered as we have time. Please double check these entries to make sure your entry is correct. Let us know if it isn't and we will fix it asap.. FL
November 8, 2014  Stone Cat Marathon November 8, 2014 Stone Cat Marathon November 8, 2014 Stone Cat Marathon and 50 Mile Trail Races & 50 Miler Ipswich, MA USA The Start The race will start before sunrise, so you will need a light for about the first hour. It is darker in the trails than out by the start line. The 50 milers and marathoners will start separately. The 50 milers will head straight out onto the 12.5 mile loop. The marathoners will first run a 1.2 mile loop around the school, then will begin the main 12.5 mile loop. The Home Stretch 50 Milers must start the last loop by 3:15PM! There is a 12:30 Hour Time Limit. The 3:15 cutoff will be strictly enforced. You will need your light again if you expect to run more than eleven hours. It will be dark at 5:30 so you must take a light on the last loop if you go out after 2:45. Official Race Website: MA
October 25, 2014   Cape Cod Marathon & Relay October 25, 2014 Cape Cod Marathon & Relay October 25, 2014 Marks the Thirty-seventh Running of the Cape Cod Marathon. Cape Cod Marathon & Relay Falmouth, MA USA From its inception in 1978, the race has been a Falmouth Track Club event. In 1993 a marathon relay was added to the event and has grown to 210 teams. 2011 was our first year for the half marathon, it has proven to be a popular event that fills early each year, and it will continue to be held on Saturday morning creating a true Cape Cod Marathon Running Weekend! The marathon's race committee consists of volunteers from the club who donate countless hours. Their credo has been to treat every runner as a guest and pay close attention to the nitty gritty details of race organization. To that end they have succeeded remarkably well over 35 years. A vignette and an e-mail from a first-time marathoner illustrate the point. Some years back a middle-to-back-of-the-pack runner had hit one of those low points in a race that every runner experiences. After struggling up the long incline at 15 miles on 28-A, he shuffled up to the waterstop on Palmer Avenue, thinking seriously of quitting. One of the volunteers took pity on him. She walked with him a for couple of hundred yards, offering him words of encouragement. Finally, when she was sure he would continue, she gave him a big hug and urged him on his way. He finished, and would later write the Falmouth Track Club a thank-you note in which he said that the only reason he finished the race was because of the warmth and kindness of the volunteers and that hug. For the next several years, he returned to run the marathon, and every year when he got to that water stop on Palmer Avenue, the volunteer was there waiting for him. Every year he got his hug, and every year, he finished the race. MA
August 9, 2014 Sweltering Summer Marathon & Half August 9, 2014 Sweltering Summer Marathon & Half August 9, 2014 Sweltering Summer Marathon & Half Summer Marathon (BURCS) & 50K, Half Marathon,10K, 5K Pittsfield, MA US Information Name: Bennjamin L Griffin Address: 53 Essex Street Pittsfield, MA 01201 Phone Number: 413-443-5819 Fax Number: Email: Official Race Website: MA
Memorial Day Marathon and Half Memorial Day Marathon and Half Official Race Website: Race Date May 26, 2013 Picasa The 4th Annual Memorial Day Marathon Races will take place on May 25-26, 2013 with the start and finish at the iconic Tanglewood Music Center in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Come experience The Berkshires, a true slice of Americana featuring the quaint towns, beautiful views, and friendly people depicted in Norman Rockwell's art and James Taylor's music, as we celebrate running - a true American pastime - on the national holiday honoring our fallen soldiers. The weekend will feature The Memorial Day Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, The Berkshires 10K & 5K, The MDM 15K Trail Race, The MDM Trail-Road Challenge, The MDM Kids Run and The MDM Pre-Race Expo at Tanglewood. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit Team Red White & Blu MA
Boston Marathon Boston Marathon Boston Marathon Boston, MA USA Friday, April 12, 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. The John B. Hynes Convention Center is located in Boston, within the Back Bay area. The "T" stop is Hynes Convention Center on the Green Line. All runners are mailed a Bib Number Pick-up card, printed with individual runner's bib number. YOUR BIB NUMBER PICK-UP CARD AND A PHOTO I.D. ARE REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR BIB NUMBER! Please verify the accuracy of all personal information on your card when you receive it in the mail. If any changes need to be made, please e mail or make a photocopy of the card, mark the corrections, and mail to: B.A.A. Corrections One Ash St. Hopkinton, MA 01748-1897 Official Race Website: April 15, 2013 MA
Marathon & Half Marathon, 10Km & Marathon Team Rel Marathon & Half Marathon, 10Km & Marathon Team Rel Marathon & Half Marathon, 10Km & Marathon Team Relay Hyannis, MA USA Race Date February 24, 2013 Official Race Website: six-hour cut-off time limit in the Hyannis Marathon. Course Description The course is extremely picturesque and historical along Craigville Beach, Kalus Beach, historic Hyannis Harbor, Lewis Bay, John F. Kennedy Memorial, Kennedy Family Compound, Officer Michael Aselton Memorial Park, and the charming Cape Cod villages of Hyannisport and Centerville. The course is paved and mostly flat and gentle, with a few rolling areas ideal for a late winter/early spring PR. The Hyannis Marathon is a two loop course. The Hyannis Half Marathon is a one loop course that runs along the Half Marathon course. The course is not closed to traffic however the traffic is very light on most of the courses. The course is well monitored by police and volunteers. Both the marathon and half marathon courses are USATF certified by Ray Nelson. •USATF Certification #TBD-Marathon •USATF Certification #TBD-Half Marathon The Hyannis Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier. You need to speak with officials of the B.A.A. regarding any 2013 questions. February 24, 2013 MA
Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM Fat Ass Marathon & 50 KM 15th Annual Fat Ass 50K Race January 5, 2013 9:00 AM CONFIRMED!! Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass. The Fat Ass Fifty will be in Bradley Palmer State Park again this year. The race will begin at 9:00 AM and will start at the Park Rangers main garage. 6.2 mile loop - run it one to five times. Anyone who wants to help early please arrive between 7 and 7:30. No entry fee - please bring something to eat or drink for the aid table! No advance registration required - register at start betwen 8 and 9 AM. Contact Roger Martell at (978) 887-5159 for more info or via email at ME