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How it Works...

                            The mechanics of the site are made to accommodate all. It is made user friendly, and has prompts to generate a successful experience listing your races. We have three categories. Race Directors, Running Clubs, and runners. The Race Directors and Running Clubs can list races. Runners can upload photos of themselves and friends. Runners can upload comments about the races also. 

                            We produce a calendar of marathons, and have over 250 races on that. Generally, marathons are run around the country with weather a primary factor.  Such as in the heat of summer, more marathons are run in the upper United States where the weather is cooler. In the winter, the races go south and are run in the warmer climate, such as the southwest, and the lower eastern seaboard. You will see a race in Antarctica, and that is in August.

                               Our goal is to make it clear for runners, where to run. We provide a variety of marathons that run all over the country all year. Also, some of the smaller races are for a charity or memorial.

                               Many marathoners cross the finish line with a feeling of accomplishment that is understood and hard to explain. We run because we love the sport and all the benefits that come with it.

                               Here, at Know Where To Run, we pride ourselves in giving the sport of running a clear view of marathons run all over the US Country and in Canada. We welcome smaller distances and ultra marathons.  Trail runs are welcomed and we have plenty of space for writing a description of the trail and any gear one may need.